The Little Machine is a Space for Contemporary and Experimental Art. The exhibitions are curated by Michael Newall and Eleen Deprez. Our space opened in Regent Arcade January 2023, through the rent-free scheme Renew Adelaide.

If you would like us to consider your work for exhibition, please email us a portfolio with at least 15 images of work, and a cv.

The Little Machine is a labor of love by Michael Newall and Eleen Deprez, but without the love and support from our friends it would have never actualised. We wish to thank: 

  • Renew Adelaide (for giving us the space)
  • All artists who have kindly agreed to lend u their work
  • Linda Marie Walker (for allowing us our name after an article of hers, link)
  • Jingwei Bu (for encouragement, advice, friendship)
  • Shirley Wu (for help, support, love, and food)
  • FELTies: for being an encouraging, inspiring, and patient bunch of great peopleĀ 
  • Marian Sandberg (for making our vinyl)
  • Ray Harris for lending us the projector
  • Horace (for being an excellent puppy)
  • Sam Faehrmann (for the little cup out of which I drink my morning coffee)
  • Loren Orsillo: for helping install the first exhibition and sitting the gallery
  • Suzanne Close for donating us lovely beverages for our first opening
  • Jazmine Deng for tending bar