A Zine Affair

One-day event

Saturday 6 April 2024

Zines are small circulation, self-published works (often book-shape) that are made by individuals or small groups. Zine fairs are events where zines are bought, sold or swapped. “A Zine Affair” at The Little Machine will offer an opportunity to zine makers both local interstate, and international to present and distribute their zines in a gallery setting. To accommodate as many zines and their makers as possible we will adopt an unconventional approach, details to follow… 

This first announcement is to gather contact details from interested artists and as a “save-the-date” for everybody. If you are a zine-maker or would to explore the making of the zine for our Zine Affair, please complete this form, we will then keep you abreast of any Zine Affair related information. 

There will be no registration fee for participating zine-makers, however the donation of one copy of your zine or stickers for The Little Machine zine-library would appreciated. 

The Little Machine reserves the right to refuse the display of any zines or associated materials that it deems inappropriate. 


Is there a maximum number of participants? 

What is the registration deadline? 
There is none, you can show up on they with your zine or stickers. 

Can I present (and sell) things that are not zines or stickers at A Zine Affair?
No, thank you. 

Do I have to commit to being there for the whole day? 
No, you and your zines can stay as long as you want. 

Is this an event for all ages? 
Yes, some zines might present adult content, viewer discretion is advised. 

Is this event dog-friendly? 
Yes, dogs are welcome, especially if they have made a zine or star in a zine.