Zine Affair

One-day event

Saturday 6 April 2024

Photography: Sam Roberts

Zines are small circulation, self-published works (often book-shape) that are made by individuals or small groups. Zine fairs are events where zines are bought, sold or swapped. “A Zine Affair” at The Little Machine will offer an opportunity to zine makers both local interstate, and international to present and distribute their zines in a gallery setting. 

The Little Machine reserves the right to refuse the display of any zines or associated materials that it deems inappropriate. 

This page contains a lot of information about the upcoming Zine Affair at The Little Machine. Read it carefully. If you have any questions please get in touch via info@thelittlemachine.com

Saturday 6 April
Setting up at 11am
Opening for public at 12am
Closing at 5pm

The Little Machine
Shop 12 Regent Arcade
101 Rundel Mall
5000 Adelaide

There are bicycle rails right at the Arcade entrance on Grenfell street and on Rundle Mall.
The closest bus stops are: Stop T1 Grenfell Street South Side and Stop G2 Grenfell Street North Side.
There are multiple car parks close to us: Upark on Wyatt Street, Secure Parking on Grenfell Street, and Wilson Parking on North terrace.

Everyone interested in zines and/or artist books is welcome to participate.

Cost / Fee
Participation in Zine Affair is free. If you would like The Little Machine to manage the sale of your zines we will charge 10% on cash or eftpos transactions. The donation of one copy of your zine for The Little Machine zine-library would appreciated. 

Zine Affair is not a zine fair, but rather a gallery-based display of zines. Zine Affair is for people to read and appreciate zines and for zine-makers to sell and trade their work.
Zines will be displayed on shelves and plinths in an exhibition. Visitors will be invited to handle and read zines. Each registered zine-maker will have number that will be displayed next to their work, on the floor sheet, and (optional) on their person.
A floor sheet will be created “live” by the zine-makers themselves.
Zine-makers that are present will wear their number and can trade or sell in the gallery or in the public areas of the arcade.
There will be seating in the gallery for people to sell or trade. But because there is only limited seating in the gallery the majority of trading and selling might have to happen in the public areas of the arcade where additional seating is available. There will be no fixed/assigned seating for zine presenters, except for those requiring it for accessibility.

Please note:

  • Zine Affair is for zines and artist books only (prints, stickers or other merchandise will not be included in the display and removed from the gallery)
  • Zines or artist books that are deemed inappropriate will be removed by The Little Machine team.

Selling or Trading
Selling or trading your work is optional. The main aim of the event is to showcase work. One copy of each zine can be displayed in the gallery, additional copies for selling/trading should be kept on your person. For this reason it might be a good idea to bring a box or backpack.
There is no secure wifi, digital transactions should happen via your personal mobile network.
The Little Machine can handle transactions on your behalf (see participating via proxy).
Presenters may prefer cash, so bringing cash is recommended. There is an ATM in Adelaide Arcade, 2 minutes away.

Participating in person
Please arrive at 11am to register, and set up your work.
You will be allocated a number. Each of your displayed zines should be shelved or placed with your number on the provided spaces in the gallery. To ensure your zine does not get lost we will attach it to the wall/plinth with a paperclip and wire.
There will be a large floorsheet where you handwrite your name and/or social handles next to your number. There will also be a digital floor sheet that visitors access via QR-code, please add your name and contact info. The Little Machine directors can aid you in this process.
If you want to sell/trade you should wear or display your number on your person so people can find you to talk about your work.

Late arrival (after 12pm)
Please announce yourself to Eleen Deprez or Michael Newall (The Little Machine directors). We will provide you with a number and help with the installation of your work.

The gallery walls will have shelves at various height. Zines will be displayed on them facing out (I.e. front cover). If your zine is “off-format” or cannot balance on the shelves it can be displayed flat on the plinths provided.

Participating via Proxy
Zine-makers can participate via proxy by either mailing their zines directly, dropping them off at The Little Machine, or having a participating friend handle their display.
If zine-makers want to sell via The Little Machine, they must include a clear pricing structure and bank details for sales, with The Little Machine taking a 10% commission for eftpos costs and administration.

  1. Post your directly to The Little Machine. Please include all information that needs to be displayed with your zine (for example your name, contact details, social media handles). If you want to sell your zine please include additional copies. Make sure your package arrives by Thursday 4 April EOB.
    The Little Machine
    Shop 12 Regent Arcade
    101 Rundle Mall
    5000 Adelaide
  2. You can drop your zines off at The Little Machine
    Any time during opening hours until 30 March
    Or by appointment (send email)
  3. Liaise with a participating friend
    Your friend will have to register and display your work on your behalf.

Note: selling via proxy
If you want to sell your zines but can’t attend in person and do not want a friend to handle your transactions you can ask The Little Machine to sell your zines. Please ensure that you include a clear pricing structure for your submitted work and bank details where sales can be deposited. To cover eftpos costs and administration The Little Machine will take 10% off your sales.


Is there a maximum number of participants? 

What is the registration deadline? 
There is none, you can show up on they with your zines on the day itself. . 

Can I present (and sell) things that are not zines or artist books at Zine Affair?
No, thank you. 

Do I have to commit to being there for the whole day? 
No, you and your zines can stay as long as you want. 

Is this an event for all ages? 
Yes, some zines might present adult content, viewer discretion is advised. 

Is this event dog-friendly? 
Yes, dogs are welcome, especially if they have made a zine or star in a zine.  

Are there toilets?
No, there are no bathroom facilities in the gallery. The closest public bathrooms (all gender&accessible) are in Adelaide Arcade.

Can I bring snacks?
Only if you bring enough to share with everyone and ensure fingers are clean when handling zines.