Eat ME

Aldo Iacobelli and Franklin Holfeld

Opening Friday 30th June 6pm – 8pm
1 July June – 29 July 2023

EAT ME presents work by Aldo Iacobelli and Franklin Holfeld, The exhibition title is inspired by Iacobelli’s diptych of giant biscuit paintings: pressed into the icing of one is “Aldo”, and into the other, “Iacobelli”. Both Iacobelli and Holfeld are fascinated with orality – eating, taste, teeth and tongues. But the exhibition title has a deeper significance, indicating the complex relation that these artists, of different generations, have developed with high and mass culture, which feeds and nourishes their practices in striking and distinctive ways. Critical, libidinal, anxious and funny, their works suggest how we too might find and fashion authentic values and identities from the ingredients of a culture that with each generation seems only to become more inauthentic, bewildering, oppressive and indigestible.

Photography: Sam Roberts